Volunteer Projects

Bike Calgary has a dedicated corps of task force members and community reps. But we can always use more help.  If you would like to contribute your time or skills, here are some of the projecs you could take on:

Help Promote Cycling

Are you enthusiastic (and preferably knowledgeable) about riding bicycles for recreation and transportation?  We have information tables at events around town, to promote cycling, to sign p members, and also to sell t-shirts.  They are usually staffed by community reps from the area the event is held in, but we often need more volunteers. We'd also like to reach out to cyclists and not-yet-cyclists in other ways, e.g., by handing out freezies on the pathways, or putting fliers on bikes that aren't locked properly. Perhaps youd like to organize such an activity, or be available once we find someone to organize it? Send us your info here to join us.  

Help Make the Website Better

We have a pretty good collection of resource pages already. But they can undoubtedly be made better.  Review, revise, add material to existing pages: just email your edits and suggestions to connect@bikecalgary.org

Here are some often requested topics which you could help research and draft:

  • Bicycle Education Courses. Bike Calgary offers an Urban Cycling Skills course for peopel who can ride bicycles but aren't comfortable on the roads. But where do you learn how to ride a bicycle in the first place (both for adults and for children)? Where do you learn bike mechanic skills?  Get introduced to bike touring?  How much does it cost? Compile a list of services and resources. 
  • Bike Parking and Amenities. We have a rudimentary page on bicycle parking. However, many cyclists do not have access to bike parking and amenities at their places of work.  Compile a list of places that offer secure or at least covered bike parking, downtown as well as in other major activity centres.  Where can you rent lockers, or use change faclities and showers (preferably without a full gym membership)?
  • Bike Law. The pages on the rules of the road could especally use a bit of an overhaul.  It would be great to have a more comprehensive compilation of applicable regulations, and perhaps also a set of tip sheets for cyclists as well as motorisits.  See Bike Rules for inspiration.
  • To join this group, apply here

Help With Bike Routing and Mapping

The infrastructure task force is charged with compiling route and mapping information. 

One easy way to help is to improve the bicycle data in Open Street Maps. OSM is used by the "ibikeyyc" iPhone app as well as by Ride the City -- but its routing functionality is only as good as the underlying data.  This includes making sure that Calgary's on-street bikeways are tagged as recommended cycling routes in OSM, but also to make sure that short bicycle links between streets or between streets and pathways are included in OSM.  Some neighborhoods are still missing street names even.  Email infrastructure@bikecalgary.org if you want to help or apply here

Photographers Needed

Are you a professional or amateur photographer?  We're often in need of pctures to use on the website or in print materials: people riding in bike lanes, on the pathways, in summer or winter. Pictures of bicycle facilities.  Etc. Send us your details here to apply.

Projects and events

From time to time, Bike Calgary hosts events or has special projects (Winter Bike To Work Day, Cycle Tracks promotion, the YYC Bike Awards or Calgary Stampede Parade). If you would like to get involved in the planning and execution, click here to apply