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who comes forward to educate, speak out consistently, independently

Both VAncouver and Toronto have strong visible speakers who write, educate the public over and over...about liveable streets and large urban design matters for pedestrians, cyclists.  Here's long-time Toronto STar journalist, Christopher Hume, who write, speaks and interviews people on urban matters for Toronto.  

A 2017  30 minute clip gives to prairie folks not familiar with Toronto (except some vague understanding of density) who might have visited the city awhile ago or wanted to avoid visiting the city's core where it's actually very vibrant, dynamic and lots to do:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tJcdvE_TYE&t=25s&list=PLdo__m9UUOSqloy2...     It takes several parties, including someone from local academia to consistently push agenda and speak independently to the local public.

Vancouver has public forums for past few years, at least once a month, several local people from various organizations, academia and some councillors which lifts the load from municipal staff who have to plan and implement infrastructure.

Calgary is getting there....