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Winter Bike to Work Day


Friday, February 9, 2018 - 07:00 to 09:00


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Gonna be willy cold

Advice of the morning will be to ensure you protect your exposed parts... or those sensitive kibbles 'n bits.  Forecast low last time I checked is only -27.  True enough many of us have ridden in colder... but it does require another level of care than say the easy minus 18-20 we've sporadically been exposed to.

I suggest many layers and hope for a nice tailwind in.

Kudos to the volunteers who will/may/might be un/happily greeting all of us!! 

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Cold enough for me to say to heck with detouring to downtown and making a stop-over.

I rode straight to work, and then enjoyed the steam room.

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Jammed out

just a tad too cold for my tender toes.  Rode the bus instead.

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Silly me... due to the cold, riding on the north side, and being a bit late I totally forgot about checking into the Bike Calgary event and instead headed straight for the gym and hot showers. I only realized my miss once inside my building... which surprise surprise didn't have too many other bikes.

My Garmin hit -31.8°C on my ride in, somewhere around Crowchild Trail overpass, thus becomming the coldest ride I've ever done.  Crazy thing is I was hot and sweaty as I'd overdressed (except for my nose and that little bit between your eyes).

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Pleasantly Surprised

at how many people braved the cold on our first real Winter Bike to Work Day event... lots of kids, many people on their first year of riding, and of course our faithful regulars! Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat and a coffee, some breakfast cake, or one of the delicious egg wraps!