Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers are Bike Calgary's eyes and ears (and sometimes mouth and arms and legs) in Calgary's communities.  They serve as points of contact for cyclists in Calgary's neighborhoods, and alert the Bike Calgary Board of Directors to cycling-related issues in their areas. Some represent Bike Calgary at large employers or one of Calgary's colleges and universities.  They work with the Board, the city, community associations, and aldermen to resolve them, and to improve cycling in Calgary's communities.

If you'd like to join our team of community volunteers, contact

The community volunteers are organized by geographic location and coordinated by Ward Representatives. 

Terms of Reference

Ways community representativeshelp make cycling better for Calgarians:

  • Serve as points of contact for area cyclists
  • Consult with Board of Directors (BoD), Advocacy Committee (AC) and Task Forces as needed on local cycling issues in wards (e.g., proposed new bike infrastructure, community planning including cycling infrastructure, maintenance and enforcement issues).
  • Assist with Bike Calgary relations to aldermanic offices.

Depending on availability and ability, community volunteers can also:

  • Help organize local events (community bike rides, presentations to community associations)
  • Work with local BRZs (Business Revitalization Zones) to address parking (bike and car) issues, promote a “bike friendly” business program, etc.
  • Engage with community planning committees to encourage bike programs included in local initiatives
  • Submit cycling updates to community associations on new infrastructure, submit stories to community newsletters
  • Help run information workshops on cycling at the community level

Community volunteers commit to:

  • Submit regular reports to their ward coordinators.
  • Monitor CA newsletters for cycling and traffic-planning related issues.
  • Alert BoD to local cycling-related issues.
  • Review BoD initiatives and meeting minutes in order to stay current on what BC is doing.
  • Abide by BC policies and core values for engagement, in particular:
    • Have any official mailings representing BC policy positions to aldermanic offices and CAs cleared by and routed through BoD.
  • Be a registered member of Bike Calgary